Stephanie has used her experience as a judicial officer to train mediators across the state in domestic relations law. She accepts mediation in this area, as well as all matters of civil law.

Mediation is a valuable and cost effective alternative to litigation.  It is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), a way of resolving disputes between parties.  In mediation, the parties can convene in a private setting with a neutral person (the mediator), who helps them reach a solution to their disputes.  The mediator does not decide who is “right.”  The parties themselves make the choices that lead to an acceptable resolution.

In mediation, each party expresses the dispute from his/her point of view and offers potential solutions.  The mediator assists the parties to focus on the exact issues causing the dispute, and then helps them to find a feasible solution.  When the parties reach an agreement, the agreement is put in writing.

Most disputes can be effectively mediated if the parties involved are willing to make an honest effort.

You can expect quick scheduling, professional service, creative thinking, and open-minded impartiality when Stephanie is your mediator.

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